Old Fashioned Bar 32 embodies the spirit of a traditional Old Fashioned bar. Everyone has his own holiday ingredients while ours are the interesting people, jazz and interesting people. Besides the classical cocktail menu, we offer a number of variations of the legendary cocktail. One, with the hint of apple and with a maple syrup aftertaste – the Old-fashioned village. Or the Old Fashioned Crystal, strong, like the spirit of the true Irishman. Or even the spicy Smoked Old Fashioned, based on the single-malt whisky – 10 positions of Old Fashioned are waiting their favorers and those who want to become an expert in the savors of scotch, bourbon and rye whiskey. It is impossible to describe the essence of the Bar 32, it lies deeply in its elusive and authentic atmosphere. It is the result of the laborious work of the team which sincerely loves its native ‘place of power’ on Vozdvizhenska Street and wants to share it with every guest.