Southern Zulu
Южные зулу (ОНИ УСТАЛИ)

Unexpected item in BAR \ 32 menu – shot, created by Yuri Melnichenko. In the summer of 2015, Vozdvizhenka Arthouse hosted an exhibition of works from the collection of Andrew Suprunenko: gallery presented paintings by Vasily Tsagolov, Pavlo Makov, Winnie Reunov, Vladimir Budnikov, Vlada Ralko and Roman Listvak that were created in the 2000s-90s, respectively. Painting “Kosa / Southern Zulu” was located directly opposite the bar, what made bartender think – what is on our menu that would please these amazing African creatures? So that’s how this lusciously sweet taste, burning and gentle at the same time, was born – a combination of banana liqueur and spicy Riga Black Balsam.